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Word quickly spread through California, and people flocked to California to make their fortune. Most of these treasure seekers left for California in 1849, hence our name: 49ers.
The trek was arduous for those who came over land. Many made their journey on foot or wagon. It could sometimes take up to nine months to get to California. For immigrants who came from across the ocean, San Francisco became the most popular port of call. In fact, San Francisco's grew from about 800 in 1848 to over 50,000 in 1849.
The first lucky arrivals were able to find nuggets of gold in the streambeds. These people made quick fortunes.The gold was free for whoever was lucky enough to find it. Yet the majority of those who made the trek out West were not so lucky. The individuals who became the richest were in fact not these early miners but entrepreneurs who created businesses to support all of the prospectors. Businesses sprang up to meet their needs.


Stopping for a few hours to pose for a painting..

Panning and digging, rinsing and panning, digging and rinsing... all in a day's work and not all that many dollars to necessarily show for it.

Altho not many photos have survived the original process, this late-1800s depiction shines a spotlight on the pride and lonliness of being part of the California Gold Rush.